Engine Model Two-Stroke - Customer Engines and Results

 EngMod2T Customer Models, Results and Engines

This page shows the results obtained by customers using EngMod2T to design and develop the gasdynamics of their engines.


 2.0l V4 of Martin Aircraft Company Limited

When Martin Aircraft Company started the development of their "Martin Jetpack" they needed an engine with at least 200hp at low rpm and at low weight. They decided on a V4 configuration and chose EngMod2T to develop the gasdynamics and performance aspect of the engine.

 485cc Version of RZ350

A kit with a displacement of 485cc was developed for the Yamaha RZ350 YPVS engine that uses a variant of the Cheetah cylinder manufactured by CP Industries. This kit included the cylinders, pistons, stroker crankshaft, heads, V-Force reed valves, expansion boxes and an ignition. The powervalve servo curve and the ignition curve was transferred directly from the sim to the engine and used in this run. The final version was dynoed and the results are shown on the next figure:

This result was digitized and imported into Post2T as is and also with a 12% correction to compensate for losses as the dyno results are for rear wheel horsepower. The following figure shows the simulation results (black), rear wheel power for one cylinder (red) and the 12% corrected engine power (green):


 80cc Motorcycle Engine for Mira Motorcycles

Savice Ltd developed this 80cc motorcycle for Mira Motorcycles using EngMod2T for the performance and gasdynamic simulations.



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