Engine Model Four-Stroke

 EngMod4T: A multi-cylinder four-stroke engine simulator.

The software does complete cycle simulation of the whole internal combustion process including the gasdynamics in the pipes/ducts, ports and plenums (air boxes, boost bottles, exhaust boxes etc.) using the GPB-method for pipe flows.

It has successfully been used to simulate a range of engines from small utility engines to motorcycle competition engines, to V8 competition engines, to boxer layout flat 6 engines etc.

The EngMod4T suite consists of five main programs:

  • Dat4T - the pre-processor where the models are constructed
  • EngMod4T - the main simulator where the analysis is conducted
  • Post4T - the post-processor where the results are displayed
  • DigiComp - the compressor map digitizing software
  • DigiTurb - the turbine swallowing curve digitizing software

The are also some support software:

FMEP - software that calculates the friction mean effective pressure for an engine and outputs the coefficients for use in the user defined friction model in Dat4T.

Cams4T - software that has a little more lift profile design capability than that included in Dat4T but still nowhere sophisticated like dedicated cam design software. It also includes some tools to manipulate measured data to smooth it and convert it to suitable format for use in Dat4T.


Typical Inlet Port, Cylinder and Exhaust Port Pressure Traces

Typical Power Curve (in Hp)


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