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EngMod2T Suite: $US400.00

EngMod4T Suite: $US400.00


The license is node locked and perpetual. If you move to new computer Vannik Developments will issue a new license on request.

There is no guarantee with the software and it is used on own risk.

Once a license has been issued the software can no longer be returned as there is no guarantee that you have deleted all traces of it, so make very sure you want the software before ordering.

Payment and Delivery:

Payment can be done via bank transfer or PayPal. When ordering the software please state preferred method of payment and then either a PayPal invoice or the bank details will be emailed to the contact email address.

On receipt of payment the download links will be sent to the supplied contact email address.


If you have not received an answer after 24 hours please resubmit and state it is the second request. The new answer will then be from a different email address as sometimes the primary email address is blocked because it is used to send links. With today's spam and randsomware issues this is becoming a problem. Also if the reCAPTCHA does not work, try one of the options at the bottom of the page.

Alternative if reCAPTCHA does not work:

Sometimes Firewall settings, Anti-Virus software or Pop-Up restrictions prevents the reCAPTCHA from working. There are three alternatives to contact me:


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