Vannik Developments

Internal Combustion Engine Simulation Software

Vannik Developments is the originator of two internal combustion engine simulation software suites:

 EngMod2T: A multi-cylinder two-stroke engine simulator.

 EngMod4T: A multi-cylinder four-stroke engine simulator.

The software does complete cycle simulation of the whole internal combustion process including the gasdynamics in the pipes/ducts, ports and plenums (air boxes, boost bottles, exhaust boxes etc.) using the GPB-method for pipe flows.

It can simulate both naturally aspirated, super- and turbocharged engines.

The development started in 1985 with a complete rewrite in 1994 to change to the GPB-method. This was followed in 1998 with a change to the Windows environment. Since then a large number of refinements and more sophisticated models have been added.

The two simulators give most of the functionality of the high end simulators at the price of the low end simulators. In most cases the results match the dyno curves quite well as long as care is taken to correctly model the engine system in detail.

It is always good to remember that a simulation attempts to model reality, it is not reality.

2T Last Updated: 25 February 2024

4T Last Updated: 01 October 2023

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