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Internal Combustion Engine Simulation Software


1. This page will be used to list the latest release versions of the software, the updates being worked on and future updates that is planned.

2. Any special requests will be considered and if it makes sense and fall within my capabilities it will be added to the list.

3. If you are suppose to have any of these versions but did not receive notification please contact me. I send the notifications out on blind copies and some servers have firewalls that stop these as spam.

4. If you have any of these versions with an alpha character following the number it means that you have an interim release to fix specific bugs or to with some functionality added.

5. Make sure that your latest email address is communicated to me if you want notification of updates.


Latest Versions (09 August 2019):

  1. Dat2T - V6.0.0
  2. EngMod2T - V6.0.0
  3. Post2T - V3.0.0
  4. Movie2T - V0.2.0
  5. Mota6ToDat2T - V0.1.3

Completed Developments:

  1. General error and detail fixing, improved diagnostics and updates.
  2. New collector model was added.
  3. An opposed piston engine model was added.
  4. The turbocharger matching was updated to get better start values.
  5. A poppet exhaust valve with camshaft was added to allow Uniflow engines.

Current Developments:

  1. The addition of an air filter in a box or at the start of the inlet is under development and will be in a future release. There has been some development on this. Adding inlet box orifices was the first step.
  2. More info to allow better modeling of JP5 and JP8 as a spark ignited fuel is requested.
  3. Further updates to the turbo module to allow more inlet and exhaust systems.
  4. Modeling the addition of nitrous oxide (N2O).


Latest Versions (19 May 2018):

  1. Dat4T - V5.1.5
  2. EngMod4T - V5.1.7
  3. Post4T - V2.2.5
  4. FMEP - V0.1.3
  5. Cams4T - V0.2.3
  6. Movie4T - V0.0.4

Completed Developments:

  1. The supercharger model was updated to more accurately simulate temperature buildup.
  2. A number of exhaust and inlet manifolds were added. Inlet system generation was added for some V8 manifolds.
  3. The turbocharger matching was updated and better waste gate controller added.
  4. A first order polynomial lift curve is being added to Cams4T. Initial parts done.

Current Developments:

  1. The turbocharger software is developed to allow extension to sequential turbo charging and single or dual entry turbines.
  2. After the air filter model has been tested on the 2T software it will be ported to the 4T software.

Turbo Map Digitizers

Latest Versions (09 August 2019):

  1. DigiComp - V0.1.4
  2. DigiTurb - V0.0.9

Completed Developments:

  1. The compressor digitizer was updated to read blade tip speed on the Borg-Warner compressor maps.
  2. The compressor digitizer was updated to make it more robust.

Current Developments:

  1. The turbine digitizer is being developed to add twin scroll characteristics.
  2. The turbine digitizer is being developed to add VGT characteristics.


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