Engine Model Four-Stroke - Customer Engines and Results

 EngMod4T Customer Models, Results and Engines

This page shows the results obtained by customers using EngMod4T to design and develop the gasdynamics of their engines.


 3.0l V8 of Synergy

Synergy used 1-d Computer Simulation (EngMod4T) of engine breathing processes, analysis into air-box, intake system, camshaft and exhaust design.

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Key Features

Crankcase: Full cradle and low windage design. Compartmentalised Dry Sump. Machined from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminium. Black Anodise Finish.
Crankshaft: Full Counterweight, Low oil pressure drilling layout. Machined from Vacuum Refined Low-Alloy Steel Billet. Nitride Finish.
Con-Rods: Forged Vacuum Refined 4340 Steel, H-beam style. ARP 625 Bolts
Cam-Drive: Compound Design, Gear / Hy-Vo chain
Cylinder: Aluminium with Nickel-Ceramic bore coating. 83.0 to 87.0mm Bore options
Piston: Lightweight Aluminium, 3 Ring Narrow Ring Package, 2 Ring, high compression package optional
Cyl. Head: Kawasaki ZX12R
Throttles: Individual 46mm Throttle per Cylinder.
Oil Scavenge: Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminium with integral oil scavenge ducting. Integral mesh filter screens
Oil Pump: 5-stage Rotor Scavenge type (4 Scavenge, 1 Pressure). Rear drive for power steer and fuel pumps
EFI Unit: DTA S80 engine control unit. Full ignition mapping and data logging capability. Sequential injection and ignition (no waste spark)
Ignition Coil: Individual Denso coil-on-plug units
Output Drive: Flywheel for Clutched Applications / Spline Drive for Speedway Use






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