Engine Model Two-Stroke

 EngMod2T: A multi-cylinder two-stroke engine simulator.

 The software does complete cycle simulation of the whole internal combustion process including the gasdynamics in the pipes/ducts, ports and plenums (air boxes, boost bottles, exhaust boxes etc.) using the GPB-method for pipe flows.

It has successfully been used to simulate a range of engines from small glow plug engines to kart and motorcycle competition engines, to Formula 1 V6 powerboat engines, to boxer layout micro light engines etc.

The EngMod2T suite consists of five main programs:

  • Dat2T - the pre-processor where the models are constructed
  • EngMod2T - the main simulator where the analysis is conducted
  • Post2T - the post-processor where the results are displayed
  • DigiComp - the compressor map digitizing software
  • DigiTurb - the turbine swallowing curve digitizing software

The are also some support software:

MotaToDat2T - software that converts a Mota model to a Dat2T model.

Movie2T - software that shows the animated left and right moving pressures and the superposition pressures for a selected number of exhaust systems.

Typical Cylinder, Transfer Port and Exhaust Port Pressure Traces

Typical power Curve (in kW)


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